Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters
7901 SE 13th; heart of Sellwood
Portland, OR

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Way “down under” Portland, in (southern) Sellwood, is a coffee shop named the Blue Kangaroo. Very visible is a large old coffee roaster ; like many local places, Blue Kangaroo roasts its own beans in small batches, and sells it in the shop and online.  Behind the roaster are pictures of kangaroos holding steaming mugs of joe (do the animals really like it in Australia?) The ceiling supports not only a fan, but also a flying pig, for some reason.  Wooden tables and chairs fill most of the house, windows  flank the entrance, and a high counter faces the street in each window.  In the rear is a couch-seating area, with burlap covering the wall nearby.  Pictures, mostly of trees and plants, decorate other walls, including in the otherwise plain bathroom. There is also a TV mounted on one wall. Up front of the coffeehouse is a toy area to welcome little kids (Do they also have a Koala Bear Care changing table in the bathroom?, I wondered. The name of that item, sold to so many restroom-providers over the years that its name has almost became as generic as kleenex,  has cemented the word “bear” after “koala” in my vocabulary. Kind of like the phrase “doggy bag” at restaurants, or the word “icebox” instead of fridge in my parents’ day. That is, we say it, know it is wrong, but can’t help ourselves without as much effort as it takes to transform a racist into a politically-correct person).

Now hop back to the coffee shop, please.

Fare: There was a  selection of teas, and a few doughnuts and bagels. I, as usual, had a black coffee; It passed muster and was average-priced.

Hours:  6:30 am (7am weekends) to 6pm

Service and clientelle:  The place wasn’t busy, but patrons happened to be young, studying or using laptops. Ambience was quiet and pleasant. Definitely a neighborhood place. Kudos for recycling.

Rating: 3 coffee beans (of 5). Right on par, but not really distinctive except for the kangaroo theme.

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