TrueBrewCoffeeHouseReview conjures of images of witches, no?  (Well, at least Halloween does!)  So here’s a witch, simply for your entertainment, stirring up her brew (Thanks to Starbucks for the sample in the tiny cup on national coffee day. How the cup has grown:  Must be the caffeine, promoting rather than stunting its growth!).

Seasons have definitely changed, and it’s time to begin the coffeehouse reviews again. Still in Portland, mostly, and still downing the plain old leaded stuff and then writing mainly about ambiance, since I’m no true brew connoisseur. Somewhat biased reporting (I write what I notice), with some whimsy and flair, is my goal.  I’ve come a year closer to being an oldster, and I prefer old-school reporting.  I write for my peers, who probably want comfort, yummy things that don’t cost an arm and a leg, and a stimulating environment, as much as ( more than? ) raucous trendy music or the absolute silence that sometimes accompanies WIFI use. And much as I like dogs, Yelp I’m not, so I miss stuff sometimes. But I have fun, and hope you like the reviews.  Check back later this week for the opener.