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Kenilworth menuKenilworth Coffeehouse

3713 SE Gladstone St
Portland, OR 97202
Planted right next to a nursery in January 2013,  Kenilworth Coffeehouse was meant to fill a need in its immediate neighborhood, namely, the replacement of a now-defunct pizza-and-coffee shop. Mimicking a spindly new seedling, the place is rather spartan, with red-and-white-checkered linoleum floors and bentwood chairs placed along a wall that is bare except for a few small pictures (Perhaps it will fill out as the years pass by and become cozier, as mementos and paraphernalia fill the voids like so many wildflowers). Outside a single metal table with 2 chairs offer “dog” seating (or so I took it—actually the table had an ashtray on it), and a no-nonsense name was painted on the front window. Several overhead lights, including two new globe-like silver ones, provide the lighting. A rear door opens out into what seemed like a shared space with the garden store next door, an enticing place (but I’m just guessing about its being open to the coffee shop, come warm weather).

Fare: Coffee was $1.75 for a small styrofoam cup. Several other drinks were also available (see menu), but little else.

Service and clientele: A single woman filled the orders quite adequately, and she was also friendly. I did notice, however, that when she was told that my dog spilled my coffee outside (darn dogs!) she did not offer to replace it; I chalk this up to being new to business.  Several customers quietly drank their brew; young ones, natch. I’m hoping this is the beginning of a resurgence in brewed-coffee drinking!

Bathroom: No chance to evaluate; dogs can’t go inside for this either.

Rating: 2+ (of 5 possible) coffee beans, because it’s still in its infancy.

2 coffee beans