Coffee Time

712 NW 21st St.

Portland, OR








I happened upon this gem of a coffee shop while looking to kill a little time in NW Portland.  Open weekdays 6:30am-12am an

d weekends 7am-1am, it definitely caters to the locals who live around the area and need a pick-me-up even after dinner hours. Perhaps that’s why they selected the name Coffee Time? Because every hour is coffee time…


Lots of hipsters/young people. Coffee Time offers free wi-fi, so a lot of people were sitting around on their laptops. The space is nice, with two different rooms to choose from (one in front, one more secluded in the back beyond the restroom).  Both are decorated artistically, but the front room is also very light with a skylight & plants adding a touch of green. You could choose booths or chairs. I opted for a small table near the front door.












They offer regular house coffee, but also drinks like spiced chai and Mexican mocha (made with Mexican hot chocolate, it adds a lot of spice to the sweet mocha!). I had a regular mocha — it wasn’t too pricey as far as mochas go. They also offered sandwiches and other snacks such as pastries.


Didn’t use the bathroom, but rest assured, there was one!


4 out of 5 beans!

4 coffee beans