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Fresh Pot coffee house

724 SW Washington, Portland, OR

We found Fresh Pot tucked away in downtown Portland, and decided it fit the bill for a cold pre-Christmas afternoon. It’s a functional place, one that’s apparently been around a while in some shape or form. Indeed, the floor is mosaic in older hexagon tiles, which end in a curved swath that seems to have rimmed some bygone counter (the rest is concrete). Perhaps they are in the process of remodeling. The exterior is quite appealing, and showcases the 2 window counters angled in the front. On the wall several Grandma Moses-type paintings are displayed and for sale, perking up the place with their color. In the rear of the store is a red 50’s formica table—just one, oddly; all other tables are way up front. Newspapers were available (this particular day, at least) for reading, and bike racks are located just outside, as are chairs for seasonal use. A rear entrance opens into an interior hallway lined  with other businesses.

Fare: Stumptown coffee is served at Fresh Pot. At least, there’s a Stumptown bird picture. I had a French press; it was fine.  Also offered are cold items such as imported water and cold-extracted coffee (less bitter, she explained graciously) and a few baked goods.

Bathroom: One major drawback of the place was the bathroom out the back, which required a map (or else that’s a tongue-in-cheek comment about our rampant GPS-dependencies). Anyway, the restroom was locked but required travel down not one but two long (and some might say spooky!) hallways. Not very handy if you really gotta pee!

Service and clientele: A few local working people, young and old, alone or in twos, quiet. A bike with a home-made child-carrier parked out front, and the kid and mom came in, too. Kid seemed to be a regular; maybe she’s (he’s?) addicted at her tender age. It’s the old caffeine menace….The service was not fast, but was quite friendly;  the lone woman barista chatted with me about a donation box for a nearby women’s shelter, and, of course, told me about the cold-pressed coffee.

Rating: 2.5—3 (of 5 possible ) coffee beans

2 coffee beans