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Stomping Grounds coffee house

21825  NE  Halsey

Fairview,  OR



Stomping Grounds just sounds like my kind of place. After all, haven’t I always spent hours dragging my family around as I sentimentalize about “my old stomping grounds”?  Consider my “under-age drinking and pinball” bar in the rural Midwest, my “police chopper-watching” LA hovel, my room on the 3rd floor of an old house back east, where the only wintertime heat was body heat, the dorm where our overflow room was in the attic, which we shared with bats. Yes, I’ve had a lot of “stomping grounds”, but I don’t hear the expression much, and never have I heard it used for coffee houses (Instead of grinding, do they take their shoes off and stomp, like with grapes? Seems that would get the wrath out, and maybe (acidic) beans would kill plantar warts. Hey! A new cure!)

But this is a coffee house review, and Stomping Grounds is a rather new offering in Fairview, a Portland suburb. And I’m certain the folks there keep their shoes on, unless they’re warming their feet by the gas fireplace, which was all decked out with Christmas stockings this time. The shop is part of a small strip mall, so it is one of those metal-and-glass boxes, but it is not unpleasant: across the street is a forest of trees, and partially covering the windows are light-filtering blinds. Tables are clean-cut (new dark wood), and there are several hanging lights. There are some coffee bean burlap bags on the wall, a table made from a large cable spool (straight from one of my old stomping grounds, most likely, as we typically scrounged up anything that would function as furniture in those days), a couch, and area rug at the far end. Most interesting was the way they dressed up the wall sconces, by drawing columns on the dark wall to “hold up” the lights. These were near the fireplace with hearth and a mantel but no flame, at least not this day. Seasonal decorations made Stomping Grounds quite festive. A fire would have helped even more, but then, we must all conserve fuel, no?

Fare: Average prices for a cuppa joe, but teas and pastries were a little pricey. When I asked about day-old goods, she told me they get taken home to the owner’s ducks. Lucky ducks! Wonder if they’ll get stollen for Christmas Day?

Service and clientele: Your typical Portland suburbia customer, young with laptop, or young and looking/acting semi-hipster. Or a jock with a baseball hat. A sprinkling of older folk.  Service was prompt and pleasant.

Bathrooms: The coffee house provides an old but clean changing table in the bathroom; good to know they welcome babies. Even supplies powder and lotion for the tots.

Rating: 3 coffee beans (of 5 possible)

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