Volcano Vapor Cafe & Lounge

122  Capitol Way N

Olympia,  WA



Decided to try something new:   a hybrid coffeeshop/electronic cigarette place.  Also sampled  demo cinnamon-flavored, nicotine-free e-smoke–most likely shaving years off my life–although I never did quite figure out just what it was.  Must say,  it was interesting to see [what looked like] smoke coming from my lungs again after some 3 decades. I immediately regretted my lapse of judgement:  purposely subjecting my body to some unknown potential carcinogen.   The locals stared at me, astonished; one guy told me it was for quitters, not beginners.  I quickly moved on to my tried-and-true coffee, chagrined.

The place was dark, with black,  deep red, and chrome used liberally in the color scheme. Tables were few in number, and each had a volcano-ey frosted candle on it.  A few booths, with vinyl covers, offered seating; we chose the counter stools facing the bright street, along the window.  Felt as though we were looking out of a den of iniquity.

Fare:  They offered a  variety of coffee drinks, hot cider,  and teas, which you could see and smell before ordering.  A modest supply of pastries, but no day-olds.

Service and clientele:  Workers were friendly and fair, tolerating me and my naivety.  Customers seemed to be regulars (As if addicted.  Does this mean I’ll be back? I doubt it).  The e-smoke section was by far the more popular section of the place. They do have WIFI, however, and did not blare raucus music, to their credit.

Bathroom:  Single room for either gender, with both a urinal and a booth toilet.

Rating: 1+  coffee bean (out of 5), due to atmosphere.