Rain or Shine Coffee House
5941 SE 60th
Portland, OR

Rain or Shine Coffee

Rain or Shine Coffee is a newer place, located on 60th and Division. But it is not unpleasantly so; it simply has recently-laid hardwood floors, no old pipes, modern tan and gray-brown walls, and later-model tables and chairs. Some of the seating is overstuffed couches and chairs, some is sleek black, some is colonial (including a rocker—nice!); it’s quite a hodgepodge, but the place is large enough to contain it all. Photographs are mounted on the dark wall, and old multi-paned windows are used for flat surfaces like the pastry-display cabinet window or the menu-board, to add character. Beyond the windows floating in thin air (WIFI, anyone?), the place seems airy. It has a large sectioned shelf for displaying sale items such as their 12-cup boxed coffee and their Rain or Shine mug or T-shirts. The building itself has windows with transoms, as in older days, to suit the neighborhood. Outside, rain or shine, a table and benches beckon (well, maybe not in rain!). A small parking lot behind the building is helpful, considering the busy street location. Two of the best touches, however, are the live orchids on the tables and the free coffee grounds—for gardens—outside.

Fare: My small coffee was $1.75, with a 50-cent refill. Day-old pastries, including cheese ones, were $1. Rain or Shine offers matcha, a rather unusual drink of hot green tea, as well as the usual lattes, Italian sodas, and the like. I was fortunate enough to be given a free cardamom latte: yum!

Service and Clientele: I observed at least 3 people using computers and one man with a stroller. Most customers were alone.  Service was prompt and friendly. Don’t know why I was the lucky recipient of the latte, but I’m not complaining.

Hours:  Sufficiently long hours, 7am (or 8, Sundays) to 7 pm

Rating: 3 (of 5) coffee beans