As the temperatures soar, the last thing I want to do is visit a coffeehouse to down some piping hot coffee! Or is it? I could cop out and order an uber-sweet frappuccino, thereby joining the throngs who dilute most of the coffee flavor out of the drink with all the add-ons (Actually the best thing about a frappuccino is the slushy texture, if it’s chilled properly). Or I could cop out and, well, just order a fruit smoothie. That’d be healthy, and cool, too. Except I’m not in this game for my health (although it seems that every other day some study proves that “moderate coffee-drinkers” (whatever they are) have fewer strokes, lose more weight, or have better sex lives (wait: am I fantasizing about studies?)). Yep, I’m in it for the caffeine, plain and simple. And what can be plainer and simpler than: ICED COFFEE? My parents drank it all summer, living in the hot-summer-part of the country, and each time they dutifully offered me some (after I was “of age”, of course) I sniffed with disdain almost as much as when they’d eat coffee ice cream. I figured, if you’re going to indulge in ice cream, make it the Cherry Garcia kind of ice cream. And if you want a cold drink and don’t plan on getting inebriated, choose a lemonade or soda; they actually taste good! And if you’re going to have coffee, have coffee like it was supposed to be: so hot and bold that it clears out your nostrils, not some cold, left-over dishwater-flavored iced-drink excuse for a cuppa java. This bias of mine lived almost to this day…until I tried a cold-press iced coffee recently, gritting my teeth. I liked it! No more sweating in my socks and sandals, or waking up only to suffer heat stroke!

So I have taken a little hiatus on my coffee reviews, pretending that I was still on vacation but actually avoiding the main subject of my blogs. Actually, I have been on-the-go, and busily drinking the crucial amount of unnotable coffee from unbloggable places. But I’ll be back soon, and in the meantime I have a visit to a roaster to report.