**Guest reviewer, since the creator of TrueBrew was out of town from May 15-30.**

The Waypost coffeehouse & tavern

3120 North Williams Ave.

Portland, OR

This is a casual establishment that seems to offer quite a bit of relief for visitors, such as an old-fashioned trading(way?)post did for pioneers. There is both a bar (serving alcohol, with or without coffee mixed in) and a variety of tables/chairs and easy chairs/couches. There is cool art on the wall (note: not for sale!) and Tibetan prayer flags in the entrance. There is a “stage” consisting of an oriental rug, a chair, 2 speakers and a mic. No one was playing while I was in there, however. They also host trivia nights and poetry readings.

During my visit, there was background music playing. Variety of songs and not too loud. The other people were very quiet, however, despite the music it still lacked the usual hum of an urban coffee shop. There is free wi-fi and everyone was obviously taking advantage of it, hard at work on their laptops. There is also a nook off the entrance with a few tables; a meeting place or extra quiet area, perhaps? Also at the entrance is a shelf with board games and books for customers to use while there, as well as a basket of comic books for sale–$1 each–from the local comic book store.

Fare: 12oz house coffee, $2. Happy hour is from 4-7pm and you receive $1 off drinks. 25 cents off for bringing own cup! They also serve food and their specialty appears to be pot pies.

Service and Clientele: Nice, fast service! Got my drink in no time. It wasn’t crowded, though, nor had happy hour started, so perhaps things could be different at a different time…

Bathroom: pretty standard for a coffee shop – unisex bathroom, clean, but also doubled as a storage closet.

Rating: 4 (of 5) coffee beans, because my drink was decent and the atmosphere was really casual and cool. (I would kind of like to go there again during “happy hour” to try a coffee-alcohol fusion drink…)