Toadally Coffee

1120 Royvonne Av. SE

Salem, OR

If you can see it and get to it, Toadally Coffee is a fine place for a cup of coffee.  But most travelers would miss it, since it is away from the freeway, on a busy street, and up a steep hill, across from the Quik Mart (I sound like a Berenstain Bear author, don’t I ?). It appears to be an expanded drive-by kiosk, and it still offers car service and outside seating, with both umbrellas and the longest awnings ever—down to about 3’ from the ground! Add the plexiglas shielding, and you feel toadally covered and protected from the elements outside! But the inside seating is pleasant, too.  A big, fat toad greets you, and the small spot seems larger because of high cathedral ceilings. The building is new, mostly glass and metal, and  is painted lime-green, orange, and brown:  toad colors.

The toad theme is well-developed, although, I must say, some of those toads look a lot like frogs. Piles of napkins are held down by small weights on arced wire; these resemble frogs on lilypads. For sale are frog T-shirts, Toadally commuter mugs (Can a frog really hoist one of these while hopping high?), and stuffed toads, frogs, snakes, and other related creature-items. Amphibia pictures complete the look.

Fare: 8 oz. for $1—just right!—with refills at a reduced price. They also have something on the menu called a “froggante”….I declined to try it.

Service and Clientele: Two older men were talking over coffee, and a third came in to get his freebie 32-oz. shake of some sort. Seemed like he had milkshake to spare—get out your tongues, frogs!! The hours certainly are good: 7-6 M-F, but closing an hour earlier on weekends. Even coffee people need some time off…

Bathroom: I expected a chameleon changing table, but got just a clean, simple place adorned with more frog paraphernalia.

Rating: 4 (of 5) coffee beans, because it was true to its toad, and new but pleasant.