MoJoe’s  Coffee

MoJoe’s  Coffee

625 Chetco Avenue

Brookings, OR 97415

This is the first segment of the “travel version” of TrueBrew Coffee House Review.

The first town in Oregon, coming up Hwy 101 (from the south), is Brookings, famous as a small Japanese tsunami victim (its docks and harbors) and as a sort of retirement mecca. Perhaps because of this—the concentration of older people—the town seems a bit stabler than others along the Oregon and northern California coast. All are hurting, however, and many businesses unwillingly become fly-by-night. I had 2 places recommended to me: one down by the harbor (never found it—maybe it was washed away by the wall of water) and MoJoe’s. I picked MoJoe’s, although the outside façade left a bit to be desired, and it was right along the main drag.

Inside, the place was fine. A huge blackboard, seemingly scrounged from a classroom for giants, covered one wall. Customers were invited via a supply of child-sized chalk to add their own pictures or writings. Ideas were posted on the wall next to it. Creativity is always appreciated, by me! Metal chairs at the tables were new yet delightful, with cutouts of steaming cups of coffee on the backs. Lackluster metal-framed windows were graced by colored glass bottles, and, though the lighting was a bit harsh, the ambience was generally good.

Fare: Coffee was the standard $1.50 and up, with no senior specials. They had no day-old pastries when I asked about those, but he reduced the price of a fresh scone voluntarily. I appreciated that, because this time I really was low on cash, yet hungry!

Clientele: There was a table of older people having quite a discussion—they appeared to have been there talking and caffeinating for a while-and a young guy lounging on the single sofa. Mojoe’s seemed welcoming of all types, and I was told it opened its doors about 2 years ago. Hope it makes it!

Bathroom: Didn’t notice a bathroom, but it could have been there. The place probably had hours, too. Usually I check them both!

Rating: 3 coffee beans (of 5) The blackboard did it…Too bad the outside isn’t set up to draw in more passers-by.