Thatcher’s Coffee

104 Grand Blvd.,  Ste 100

Vancouver, WA 98661

A good way to spend a sunny afternoon is by walking the grounds of Fort Vancouver. And a good way to top it off is by visiting the nearby Thatcher’s coffee shop (not affiliated with the fort). A modern place in a brand-new shopping area, Thatcher’s is none-the-less pleasant, with its many glass walls and ceilings high enough for birds to roost in the rafters (no, they aren’t residents presently!). Great feeling of openness! Getting to the place took a bit of determination, and the need to ignore the cookie-cutter mainstream stores that shared the mall, however. Reminded me of a big chain place…

Thatcher’s had nice wooden tables and chairs, a few over-stuffed chairs covered with—you guessed it—burlap coffee bags, and counters along the windows for looking out. Two modern-looking quilts hung on the wall, one in the children’s corner, which, alas, was not very well-developed. Thematic but odd lights resembled coffee cups, and several plants were potted in old coffee tins, for character, I guess. Actually they “humanized” better than the burlap bags on the chairs; come spring, those baggy chairs will be mighty scratchy for anyone with bare legs!

Fare: I had the standard $1.50 cup (they didn’t emphasize the brand) of coffee—no senior coffee!—and decided to spring for a unique-sounding “fig and buckwheat” roll. It was a disappointment in its dryness, especially considering its high cost. Sales tax roared its ugly head, too, but only Oregonians suffer from the perception of a problem here in WA.

Bathroom: this had a changing table and clean, new fixtures. No complaints here.

Clientele: Mixed, but more computer-users than usual. One with a bright orange shock of hair.

Hours: (missed this—sorry!)

Rating: 3 coffee beans (out of 5). Not “earthy” enough…personal preference.