view from a window seat

Temptations Cafe

1130 NE Holladay St # A
Portland, OR 97232

The best thing about this shop is the people-watching possibilities. I sat at a glass counter facing the window, directly across from the Max station and the Lloyd Center’s Holladay Park. This particular day I saw a steady stream of umbrella-toting folks coming to wait for the train. At one point I counted: 13 at that given moment! So much for the myth that “true Northwesterners” don’t use umbrellas. I think it’s because nobody had rapid transit until Portland got its, so commuters didn’t walk to or wait in the rain for trains as they do in East Coast cities (When you bop directly from your residence to your car you don’t get very wet). This is an unproven and flawed theory, but I like it, and it implies good things about Portland!

The place was an older modern glass cubicle, nondescript except for its wrinkled starched-cloth-like hanging light fixtures and one red wall with a Japanese picture on it. Not exactly cozy, and the techno music didn’t help much. Waitperson was friendly enough, however.

Fare: Longstreet Breakfast Blend coffee only $1.50; no senior coffees. Cream (1/2&1/2) came in a half-gallon carton, only upon request. They served several other drinks besides coffees, such as bubble tea, boba, and jellies. Pastries appeared mediocre, but may have been fresher in the am.

Bathroom: Keyed to keep out the Max riders, I presume. It seemed male-oriented: somewhat messy, with the seat up.

Hours: 6:30-4 pm. Good for morning people only.

Customers: A trickle; mostly to-go people who were regulars and known.

TrueBrew rating: 2 (of 5) coffee beans, due to building, ambience. Tempted to return? Probably not.