Posie’s Bakery and Cafe

8208 N. Denver Av.

Portland OR 97217

Posie’s is well-placed in the Kenton neighborhood of North Portland, next to the library (What better place to sit and peruse your new books than a coffee shop?). It’s in an old building with transom windows and ancient doors,  which open completely in good weather to allow access all across the front, I’m told. Although it appeared to be a reuse of an old fruit market or something, I was told that its previous reincarnation was as a storage facility or something like that. Oh, well. The weathered and worn-appearing large counter was actually just a couple years old, too. But the doors were old, and the front cement step across the front was original. Tall ceilings and old school lights contributed to the atmosphere, as did the mix of couches and tables and the antique dresser used for cream and sugar and such.

amenities: included a toy-filled children’s playroom, WIFI (3 were using laptops when we visited), consignment sales (art and jewelry on the wall).

bathroom OK (not spotless, but included a changing table and newer soap and towel fixture).

hours:     good;  approximately 7am-6 pm

prices:  drip coffee $1.50-2.00; included some day-old pastries.  No senior coffee prices

service & clientele:  I’m told that service fluctuates, but our attendant was pleasant and answered several questions happily.